Beta Testing for Bob Ueland

Update: The early bird option is up! Read my review here.

Bob Ueland are one of the few to provide Cocos2d tutorials via his blog. I have been hooked on his course ever since I stumbled upon his tutorial about Magic of Node Space. Bob Ueland’s tutorial are delivered via video/youtube and are often accompanied with sample projects. What I really like about his video’s are that they are delivered with a clean  layout and easy-paced instructions. At times, Bob Ueland would surprise us with tutorials that are more algorithmic like this, while still maintaining Cocos2d in perspective.

Around 3 weeks before Christmas, Bob Ueland tweeted out invitations for beta testing on his Galaxy Figther course. The course is a video tutorial with 34 topics to chose from. Each topic are tailored to develop Galaxy Fighter and comes with sample code. Those that are new to Cocos2d would find this very valuable. Even those that are experienced in Cocos2d will also gain from this. I had a sneak peek review and some of the contents provide intelligent ways in problem solving.

I thought that this would be great chance for me, so promptly send Bob Ueland an email. Fortunately, I am one of the chosen to join his task force. Yeah! So for the next coming months ( till April 2012), I will be engaged with beta testing for Galaxy Fighter. Honestly, I am really thrilled to see how great the course would turn out.

For those interested, the course web site can be found here. I understand Bob Ueland would start working on an Early Bird release ( 50% off from retail price). Those enrolled in the early bird release will be send a copy of the topics once done.